Cell Phones & Distractions

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Jul 2016

Crashes, Car Insurance and Beyond The High Toll of Distracted Driving

This webpage illustrates the cost and losses associated with distracted driving.

Mar 2015

Using Naturalistic Driving Data to Assess the Prevalence of Environmental Factors and Driver Behaviors in Teen Driver Crashes (PDF)

In this study, we conducted a large-scale comprehensive examination of naturalistic data from crashes that involved teenage drivers.

(AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety)
Oct 2014

OHS: NTSB: Prohibit Hands-Free Phone Use by Commercial Drivers

This Oct 23, 2014 OH&S article addresses why NTSB prohibits hands-free phone use by commercial driver.

Nov 2013

Distraction.Gov: Offical US Government Website for Distracted Driving

Please use the resources here on to get the facts on distracted driving and find ways to get involved.

Apr 2013

Voice-To-Text Apps Offer No Driving Safety Benefit; As With Manual Texting, Reaction Times Double

Texting drivers may believe they’re being more careful when they use the voice-to-text method, but new research findings suggest that those applications offer no real safety advantage over manual texting, from Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

(Texas A & M University)
Jul 2012

Texting While Driving: It Can Wait

Downloads: PSAs, Advertising and Educational Toolkit for Schools and Companies, from AT&T.

Jul 2011

Distracted Driving in the United States and Europe

Distracted drivers are compromising their own and other peoples' safety behind the wheel. Nearly 15 people die each day in the United States in crashes that involve distracted driving, and another 1,200 people are injured.

Mar 2011

OSHA: Distracted Driving Brochure (PDF)

OSHA's new distracted driving brochure* explains to employers and supervisors the importance of preventing texting by their workers while driving.

Nov 2010

OR-FACE Know the Hazards of Driver Distraction

A new Oregon FACE safety brochure, Know the Hazards of Driver Distraction, is now available.

Oct 2010

OSHA: Distracted Driving

Welcome to OSHA's Distracted Driving Page...please check back often as we will be updating this page with new information regularly.

Sep 2010

Campaign Tools: Distracted Driving

This Campaign provides tools for employers to counter driver distraction, including toolkits and access to statistics and facts.

Nov 2009

State Info and Laws: Cell Phone Driving Laws

The Governors Highway Safety Association provides this November 2009 summary of state cell phone driving laws.

Dec 2008

Study: More Dangerous to Drive on Cell Phone than Chat with Passenger

This December 8, 2008 article by Jennifer Anderson in Ergoweb Today, describes new University of Utah research that shows that drivers are more impaired by talking on a cell phone than by conversing with a passenger in an automobile.

Jun 2008

New Research Shows Why Cell Phones and Driving a Dangerous Mix

Ergoweb highlights results from University of South Carolina research providing a better understanding of why language interferes with visual tasks, such as driving.

Jun 2005

Cellular Telephones and Driving (PDF)

The goal of this training program is to provide information for employers regarding the hazards of using cellular telephones or other similar devices, while driving and to provide information regarding implementing a cellular telephone use policy.

May 2003

Impaired Driving Fact Sheet

Impaired driving will affect one in three Americans during their lifetimes.


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