General Resources

Date Added Resource Source
Nov 2012

Enviro-Health Links: Laboratory Safety

National Library of Medicine resources related to laboratory safety.

Aug 2012

Preventing Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories (PDF)

this booklet provides an overview of the Oregon OSHA standard on exposure to hazardous chemicals in laboratories, but it is not a substitute for the safety and health rules.

(Oregon OSHA)
Aug 2012

Safety and Health Topics: Laboratory Safety

This OSHA page provides extensive information pertaining to laboratories addressing OSHA standards, culture of safety, enforcement, hazard recognition and solutions and more.

Jan 2012

Work-Related Asthma among Laboratory Animal Workers (PDF)

Animals or animal products such as dander, hair, fur, saliva and body wastes contain allergens that can cause respiratory and skin disorders. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has estimated that 33% of animal handlers develop allergy symptoms.

(Massachusettes Department of Public Health)
Oct 2011

Laboratory Safety Guidance (PDF)

This OSHA document describes how electrical, fire, explosions and falls, among other hazards, can be minimized or eliminated if employers use safety plans, worker training, engineering controls and personal protective equipment. New laboratory safety materials also include fact sheets that each focus on a specific hazard related to laboratory environments.

May 2011

The Lab Safety Memorial Wall

The Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI) has created a virtual Memorial Wall in memory of the more than 300 people who lost their live in laboratory accidents during the past 100 years.

(Laboratory Safety Institute)
Feb 2007

Laboratory Health and Safety Handbook (PDF)

This handbook, provided by WorkSafe BC, is intended to be a guide to health and safety for laboratory workers and employers.

(WorkSafe Online - Workers' Compensation Board of BC)
Feb 2006

AIHA Laboratory Safety Technical Topics

n addition to technical links relating to Laboratory Safety, we provide a description of laboratory safety incidents which may be used by health and safety professionals, faculty, supervisors, students and any others who may benefit from the "lessons learned."

Oct 2004

AIHA Laboratory Health & Safety Committee

One of the goals of the AIHA Laboratory Health and Safety Committee is to collect and make available a compilation of laboratory safety incidents. may be used by health and safety professionals, faculty, supervisors, students and any others who may benefit from these “lessons learned”. We have attempted to list the key safety and health teaching concepts/principles for each of the incidents listed.