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Mar 2015

Teen Driver Safety: Environmental Factors and Driver Behaviors in Teen Driver Crashes (PDF)

This fact sheet summarizes a more comprehensive research report on the causes of teen driver crashes.

(AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety)
Mar 2015

Using Naturalistic Driving Data to Assess the Prevalence of Environmental Factors and Driver Behaviors in Teen Driver Crashes (PDF)

In this study, we conducted a large-scale comprehensive examination of naturalistic data from crashes that involved teenage drivers.

(AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety)
Aug 2013

Occupational Highway Transportation Deaths Among Workers Aged =55 Years — United States, 2003–2010

To characterize older workers at highest risk, CDC analyzed data from the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries for the period 2003–2010 and compared occupational highway transportation deaths among workers aged 55–64 years and =65 years with those among younger workers.

Nov 2010

Asleep at the Wheel: The Prevalence and Impact of Drowsy Driving (November, 2010) (PDF)

This study, by AAA Foundations for Traffic Safety, presents new estimates of the prevalence of drowsy drivers on U.S. roads and of the proportion of crashes that involve a drowsy driver.

(AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety)
Oct 2010

Parents Are the Key to Safe Teen Drivers

This page, provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, provides resources for parents to address teen safe driving.

Jun 2009

Aggressive Driving: Research Update (April 2009) (PDF)

This paper, provided by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, reviews published scientific literature on aggressive driving; discusses various definitions of aggressive driving; cites several specific behaviors that are typically associated with aggressive driving; and summarizes past research on the individuals or groups most likely to behave aggressively.

(AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety)
Jul 2008

Global Road Safety at Work Resource Library

NIOSH now offers an online library to house resources from around the world related to the prevention of road traffic injuries and deaths while at work. The resources, which include employer policies and guidance documents on road safety at work, research reports on risk factors for work-related crashes, as well as statistics about worker injuries and fatalities on roads, are stored in the “Road Safety at Work” online library.

Aug 2006

Oregon OSHA Fact Sheet Plus: Motor Vehicle Safety for Employers and Employees (PDF)

The Standards and Technical Resources Section of Oregon OSHA produced this fact sheet on motor vehicle safety to highlight our programs, policies, or standards.

(Oregon OSHA)
Apr 2006

Medline Plus Topic: Motor Vehicle Safety

Contents on this page include articles on latest news, overviews, coping with accidents and more related to motor vehicle safety.

Jun 2004

Teen Summer Jobs: Safe Driving
Nov 2003

Work-Related Roadway Crashes - Challenges and Opportunities for Prevention

This document provides a comprehensive view issues impacting the prevention of work-related roadway crashes. It also identifies the groups of workers at greatest risk of traffic crashes, summarizes key issues that contribute to work-related roadway crashes, and recommends preventive measures for employers and other stakeholders.

Aug 2003

OSHA Safety and Health Topic: Motor Vehicle Safety

According to the Bureau of labor Statistics, over 2,000 deaths a year result from occupational motor vehicle incidents, more than 30% of the total annual number of fatalities from occupational injuries.

May 2003

NIOSH Safety and Health Topic: Motor Vehicle Safety