Personal Protective Equipment

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Sep 2012

NIOSH Workplace Safety & Health Topics: Skin Exposures and Effects

Dermal exposure to hazardous agents can result in a variety of occupational diseases and disorders, including occupational skin diseases (OSD) and systemic toxicity.

Feb 2011

Enforcement Guidance for Personal Protective Equipment in General Industry (PDF)

This instruction establishes OSHA’s general enforcement and guidance policy for its standards addressing personal protective equipment (PPE). It instructs OSHA enforcement personnel on both the agency’s interpretations of those standards and the procedures for enforcing them.

Aug 2010

Oregon OSHA Quick Facts for employees/Datos Rapidos para los empleados: PPE (PDF)

This English/Spanish quick fact sheet provides information on personal protective equipment for employees.

(Oregon OSHA)
Jun 2010

Oregon OSHA Quick Fasts: Personal Protective Equipment (PDF)

Personal Protective Equipment - Quick facts in Spanish and English.

(Oregon OSHA)
Nov 2009

WorkSafe BC: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

his new section of provides information on a wide range of personal protective equipment - respirators, personal flotation devices, leg protection, and more. Includes many information sheets that can be printed and posted, or used in safety talks.

(WorkSafe Online - Workers' Compensation Board of BC)
Jun 2008

Oregon OSHA Fact Sheet Plus - Personal Protective Equipment - Who Pays? (PDF)

With few exceptions, employers must pay for all personal protective equipment(PPE) required by Oregon OSHA standards. The rule and this fact sheet apply to all employers subject to Oregon OSHA rules. This fact sheet will acquaint you with the details of our new rule and to answer most of your questions about when and how you must pay for PPE for your workers

(Oregon OSHA)
Nov 2007

OSHA Fact Sheet: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Payment Standard (PDF)

On November 14, 2007 the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced a new rule clarifying the employer/employee responsibilities for payment of personal protective equipment (PPE). This fact sheet clarified the requirements.

May 2007

Safety Equipment: Find the right tools at

Every job is easier with the right tools. Locate information about safety equipment, safety materials and best practices. Improve your organizations health and safety and your bottom line.

Nov 2004

Occupational Safety and Health Answers – Personal Protective Equipment
Nov 2004

Safety Emporium: Personal Protective Equipment

This site contains description of types of PPE with links to regulations and selection resource

(Safety Emporium)
Nov 2004

Personal Protective Equipment Program (PPE) Guide – Volume 1: General PPE (PDF)

This guide is designed to be used by supervisors, lead workers, managers, employers, and anyone responsible for the safety and health of employees. Employees are also encouraged to use information in this guide to analyze their own jobs, be aware of work place hazards and take active responsibility for their own safety.

(Washington Department of Labor and Industries)
Mar 2003

OSHA Safety and Health Topic: Personal Protective Equipment

OSHA requires the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) to reduce employees' exposures to hazards when engineering and administrative controls are not feasible or effective in reducing these exposures to acceptable levels. Employers are required to determine all exposures to hazards in their workplace and determine if PPE should be used to protect their workers.