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Jun 2016

SAIF Corporation Strengthen and Lengthen Poster (PDF)

Less than 10 minutes is all it takes to begin improving muscle tone, building strength, and reducing your risk of injury. Print out this poster and try these simple exercises on your next work break.

Jul 2015

Public Health is for Everyone: An inclusive planning toolkit for public health professionals

Introducing Public Health Is for Everyone, a one-stop living collection of resources and best practices on health and disability to ensure public health efforts reach people living with a disability.

Feb 2011

Lessons Learned: Solutions for Workplace Safety and Health (PDF)

This report, released by Lowell Center for Sustainable Production, University of Massachusetts Lowell, documents case studies of systemic failures in protecting workers from injury and ill- ness and outlines some paths forward that can more effectively protect workers, the communities in which they live, consumers, and the environment while stimulating innovation in safer forms of production.

(UMass Lowell)
Jan 2011

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work: Case Studies

Case studies are real examples which show the steps that have been taken to solve health and safety (OSH) problems. They may also be examples of campaigns or other activities that have taken place to promote OSH and help solve problems at workplaces. Here you will find a database of such examples that EU-OSHA has collected and compiled from the EU Member States and worldwide.

(European Agency for Safety and Health at Work)
Sep 2010

Ergonomics Today: Site-to-Stand Workstations

This August 31, 2010 article written by Peter Budnick in Ergonomics Today addresses the benefits of sit-to-stand workstations.

Mar 2008

Report - Prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders in practice

The Lighten the Load campaign featured the Good Practice Awards, which recognise organisations that have made outstanding and innovative contributions to tackling MSDs. The awards promote and encourage practical solutions in workplaces and share this good practice around Europe. This publication contains the summaries of 20 working examples of how companies and organisations from across the EU have taken action against MSDs.

(European Agency for Safety and Health at Work)
Jul 2007

Examples of Good Ergonomic Practices at the United States Postal Service

On June 11, OSHA, the American Postal Workers Union, the National Postal Mail Handlers Union, and USPS released Examples of Good Ergonomics Practices at the U.S. Postal Service which outlines the achievements of the partnership and steps taken to help prevent ergonomic-related injuries in the workplace.

Sep 2006

WISHA Ergonomic Demonstration Projects

Demonstration projects provided by Washingotn State Department of Labor and Industries include examples from Agriculture, Air Transportation, Construction, Government, Retail Stores, Warehousing, Landscape Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Sawmills and more.

(Washington Department of Labor and Industries)
Jul 2006

Worksite Modification Digest (PDF)

This digest gives examples of worksite modifications developed by employers, insurers, private consultants, workers, and the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division. It is meant to be a source of ideas for workplace solutions for injured workers with physical limitations.

May 2005

Ergoweb – Case Studies in Ergonomics

Real life examples in which ergonomics hazards have been addressed are included on this site. Each case study consists of a task description, ergonomic risk factors, administrative or design solutions, comments, and vendor information. Before and after illustrations accompany each study are available. Search by keyword or by viewing index.

May 2005

Ergonomics Program UC Berkeley – Case Studies Index

The Ergonomics Program is affiliated with the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, a University of California umbrella organization that links faculty and research programs with research interest in occupational health from the Berkeley, Davis and San Francisco campuses. Each case study lists the problem, intervention and costs.

(University of California, Berkeley)
May 2005

Ergonomics Ideas Bank

This link yields a searchable collection of ideas that may help you reduce exposure to awkward postures, high hand force, repetitive motions, lifting, vibration and other risk factors for work-related musculoskeletal disorders in your workplace. Select “Search for Ideas”. Search by “industry” or “risk factors.” This database includes solutions from both inside and outside Washington State.

(Washington Department of Labor and Industries)
May 2005

Naval Safety Center – 1,001 Safety Success Stories Index

This index is separated into categories to help you find the stories you are most interested in. Files are in PDF format and the size is indicated after the title. Use the drop down menu below to select a subject. Scroll to category “Ergonomics” for redesign and safety success stories relating to ergonomics hazards.

(U.S. Navy)