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Nov 2016

Policies to Reduce Influenza in the Workplace: Impact Assessments Using an Agent-Based Model


We examined the impact of access to paid sick days (PSDs) and stay-at-home behavior on the influenza attack rate in workplaces, as publilshed in American Journal of Public Health.

Nov 2016

Stopping the Spread of Germs at Home, Work & School


This topic page, provided by the Centers for Disease Control, gives tips to help prevent the spread of infections at home, school and work.

Nov 2016

Infectious disease control in the workplace (PDF)


Controlling the spread of infectious di sease requires the right combination of education and preventative measures. This white paper is provided by Zurich Services Corporation.

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Nov 2016

Infection control policy and the importance of risk assessment


This site provides information on establishing infection control policies and assessing workplace risk assessments, particularly targeted to UK policy.

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