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Dec 2016


This landscaping topic page provides information from Oregon OSHA regarding rules and publications.

(Oregon OSHA)
Oct 2015

OSHA Safety and Health Topics: Landscape and Horticultural Services

Landscape and horticultural services encompass a wide range of services. This topic page provides information and resources related to safety and health for landscape and horticulture work.

Apr 2006

Teen Workers Landscaping: Plant Your Feet on Safe Ground!

Welcome to the OSHA Teen Summer Job Safety page. OSHA wants you to enjoy working in the landcare industry and be safe on the job. This page provides the working teen with some safety working tips in the areas of general safety, and recommendations to prevent injury from sun-ultraviolet radiation-heat, pesticides, electrical hazards, noise and injuries to the eye.

Dec 2005

OSHA Assistance for the Tree Care Industry

This site provides information to develop and implement safety and health programs, and learn how to recognize and address potential industry hazards, including overhead power lines, falling branches, and faulty safety equipment.

May 2005

OSHA Safety and Health Topics: Landscape and Horticultural Services

Information on this site includes ways to develop and implement comprehensive safety and health programs, employer and employee resources for Spanish-speaking workers and youth workers, and links to other websites that identify common industry hazards and solutions.

Apr 2005

Landscaping Health and Safety

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety provides information on hazards related to landscaping activities, including: equipment, garden trackers, grass trimmer, infectious waste, manual materials handling, pesticides and more.