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Link Selection Criteria

CROETweb seeks to provide links to occupational safety and health resources that are:

1. Relevant to working Oregonians.

  • Oregon-related or Oregon-based links are of highest priority when they exist.

2. Related to occupational safety or health.

  • Information should be related to occupational safety or health, and educational in nature.

3. Credible and scientific

  • Links will be made to web pages whose content is established, respected, and dependable.

  • Information should be science-based, balanced, and unbiased.

4. Reliable and regularly updated

  • The website should be consistently available and likely to remain available over time.

  • Information on the site should be current or an update date included.

  • The website should be well organized and easy to use.

5. Available at no charge.

Types of sources to which CROETweb links are made include (but are not limited to):

1. Governmental Agencies (primarily U.S. but others as well)

  • Oregon OSHA, Health Division, DEQ, Dept. of Ag, etc.

  • NIH and sub-institutes, CDC, NIOSH, EPA, FDA, etc.

  • Canada, UK, Australia

  • WHO, United Nations

2. Educational Institutions (colleges and universities)

3. Professional Organizations

  • Examples: American Society of Safety Engineers, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Society of Toxicology

4. Other

  • Labor and Trade Associations

  • Health-related Charitable Organizations

  • Commercial sites (that sell products)

  • Special Interest Groups/Advocacy Groups

Links may be made to pages within the websites of any of the sources above, as long as the page does not contain content that could imply endorsement of a product, or political or other viewpoint by CROET or OHSU.

Last updated February 11, 2003.



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